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How San Diego Parents Should Deal With Interstate Child Visitation during the Summer

Posted by Mattis Law, A.P.C. on June 27, 2014 in Child Visitation

This is the next post in my series on child custody issues San Diego parents encounter during the summer months. My last discussion provided a quick overview on the types of child custody disputes which arise during the summer and why you should contact an attorney if you are having such problems. This article discusses the struggles that can occur when your child has to visit with a parent outside of California for the summer.

Communication issues often arise when a child has to leave California to visit with the other parent

It is common for parents to live in separate states after a divorce. It is not practical, however, for parents to have regular visitation in such instances. Courts will grant long periods of visitation when parenting has to be done between states. This means it is common for a child, who resides in San Diego, California during the school year, to spend the summer breaks in another state. When your child is away for the summer then your child custody order will typically have provisions stating that your are to have regular telephone or Skype contact with the child, typically at a set time. There is almost always a stipulation stating that you are to be informed immediately of any emergencies that arise. Unfortunately, the other parent does not always follows these communication requirements.

You have options if you are not receiving your court-ordered communication. We deal with many situations where a parent is not following the Court’s communication order and often, a phone call or letter can resolve the issue. If the other parent continues to ignore the Order then we can file a Motion to hold the other parent in contempt of court. If the other parent is found in contempt then they will face sanctions from the Judge, will likely have to pay your legal fees, and may even have their visitation cut short. Do not simply wait for your child to be returned to you if the other parent is ignoring their obligations. Contact a San Diego child custody attorney immediately.

Contact a child custody attorney immediately if your child is in danger during summer visitation outside of California

If your child is outside of California for the summer, and is in danger, then contact a lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer can file an emergency motion with the Court to have the child returned as soon as possible. Emergencies may include instances of the child being neglected, abused, or if the child is getting into trouble due to a lack of supervision. The Court will typically hear such cases quickly as the safety of children is always the Judge’s first concern in any child custody case. If your child is in danger and you need immediate assistance then contact our office online or by telephone today.

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