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Legal Issues in a Foreign Divorce

As one of Southern California's most appealing cities and a hub for members of the military, San Diego draws in a large number of international residents, which often results in matrimony between people of differing nations. Because those in a marriage can decide to go their separate ways no matter what country they may reside in or what their backgrounds are, it's only natural for local attorneys to be needed in cases of foreign divorce. Unlike marriages that connect two American citizens, unions that involve foreign nationals can come across unique problems when it's time for them to come to an end.

No matter how amicable it may be, every divorce will have its own specific issues that need to be worked out in relation to matters like alimony, child custody, and the division of marital assets. However, when it comes to foreign divorces, there are other factors that must be considered as well. International family laws and foreign jurisdictions will have a significant impact on how couples proceed in a divorce case.

The regulations regarding international divorces vary from state to state, and it usually requires a knowledgeable family law lawyer to help clients reach an acceptable agreement. The San Diego divorce attorneys at Mattis Law, A.P.C. offer their expertise in foreign divorces for those facing this kind of complex situation. We have helped numerous clients discover their options and find the most effective solution for their particular case. We work within the laws of California and treaties of other countries to best advise clients on the steps to take when filing for a divorce.

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Challenges and Concerns Associated With Foreign/International Divorces

As the world increasingly becomes a melting pot of cultures, it's not unusual for people to find their significant others in a foreign country. Unfortunately, these unions are vulnerable to the same troubles that plague many couples across the globe, and when they don't last, it can be extremely complicated trying to successfully reach a divorce agreement.

Parties seeking an international divorce typically fall into one of three categories that can present challenges:

  • Both people in the marriage are residing in the United States as a foreign national
  • One spouse is a United States citizen while the other is a foreign national
  • The two spouses are United States citizens but are living abroad

There are also a few major concerns that commonly come up in foreign divorces, such as:

  • International child custody disputes
  • Division of international property
  • Distribution of national and international retirement and pension plans

For international child custody disputes, in particular, it's critical to have the assistance of an international divorce lawyer. These cases can become especially problematic when a parent owns a business in another country, a parent is stationed overseas in the military, or a parent wants to move back to their native country. Different factors will be evaluated to determine the custody arrangement that most favorably suits the best interests of the child.

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Get the Help of an International Divorce Lawyer in San Diego

The dissolution of any marriage is difficult to navigate through, but there are many additional details to handle and questions that are likely to arise during a foreign divorce. Our family law lawyers at Mattis Law, A.P.C. have years of experience providing legal counsel to clients in San Diego who are going through the complicated process of an international divorce. We are more than qualified to address the tough and unfamiliar topics associated with this type of sensitive case. To schedule your free consultation so we can assess your unique situation, contact us at (858) 328-4400.

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