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When Should You Consider Hiring an Expert Witness in Your Child Custody Case?

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Considering several relevant factors leading up to a final decision, a family court judge presiding over a child custody case in California must rule with what is in the best interest of the children. When both parents agree on a child custody arrangement, this saves a lot of grief associated with the process. In other situations, bitter disputes unfortunately arise, and you might want to consider hiring a child custody expert witness.

With emotions running high from one or both parents, what can get lost in focus are the best interests of the children. This is where hiring an expert witness with professional knowledge of issues related to your family law case can aid the judge in handing down a ruling consistent with your child’s wellbeing. The testimony of an expert witness can be especially critical in advocating for and guiding children to a custody arrangement best for their physical and mental health.

The Role of an Expert Witness in a Child Custody Case

When two parties in a child custody and visitation case do not reach a resolution, either of them may turn to hiring expert witnesses whose testimonies may impact the final ruling. These expert witnesses are authorities in their respective fields of expertise like psychology and specifically speak on child custody issues strictly related to those fields that arise during the case. The court approves these expert witnesses to testify after vetting their qualifications, and they can include:

  • Child psychologists
  • Family therapists
  • Social workers
  • Past and present teachers
  • Pediatricians and other doctors
  • Other professionals who played a role in your child’s development

Critical insights from expert witnesses may offer a more informed perspective in determining the future of the children. They may paint a more complete picture of home life for children, relationships with each parent, social interactions outside the home during the divorce, and how divorce-related circumstances have impacted the children. Expert witnesses can also address issues related to both parents, and they can consider child custody through various angles:

  • Physical and mental fitness of either parent
  • Physical and mental fitness of children
  • Family history of the children
  • Long term financial stability of either parent
  • Long term outlook for the development of children

The Impact of an Expert Witness on a Child Custody Case

When the best interest of your children is at stake in a California child custody case, it is vital to have the right resources at your side as a parent who wants to protect their wellbeing. As a family court judge determines a custody and visitation final order for both parents to follow, an expert witness who can bring professional credibility to your child custody dispute is one of the most effective ways to fight for your child’s future. What they have to say carries significant weight in all the evidence considered.

Whether you are concerned about the other parent moving out of state with the child or potential child abuse and molestation in another environment, an expert witness can demonstrate before the family court how certain situations might not be ideal for the child.

Gathering the Right Expert Witnesses for Your Child Custody Case

Whether considering the special needs of your children or another matter uniquely related to them, choosing the right expert witnesses can be an overwhelming process. It is challenging enough to know where to start your search, and there can be so much added stress knowing that the final order the judge will issue in your child custody case will impact the future of your kids.

You do not have to be alone in fighting on behalf of your children and preserving your relationship with them. At Mattis Law, A.P.C., our top-tier firm has tackled difficult child custody cases for years. With our experience in dealing with various child custody and visitation disputes, we know what it takes to gather the expert witnesses who will offer authoritative testimony and build a case for a ruling in favor of your child’s needs. A San Diego family law attorney can sit with you for a free consultation, explain what goes into the process of finding the right expert witnesses for your particular case, and guide you in your custody case. Call us at (858) 458-9500 today.

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