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Very professional and helpful. She was able to give me great personalized advice on how to move forward with my particular case, and things to think about and be aware of. Speaking with her was extremely helpful and relieved a lot of stress and anxiety I was having surrounding my case. I would definitely recommend her for any issues regarding family law.



I would like to express my gratitude in the work you did for me. I not only feel you were a great lawyer, but also one with common sense, which I feel helped us to be successful by understanding the things that needed to be pointed out. If ever I have another family issue I will be sure to call you. I wish you continued success. Thanks again, take care.


Hi All,

I just want you all to know how prepared Ms. Mattis was and what a strong case she made! I know you all did much to help prepare for this and I just want to say a BIG thank you to all!

Best advice I have been given in this whole process: "get a lawyer and get a good one!"


Mr. Huguenor…When you defended me, throughout the whole case and especially at trial, it seemed as if you were inspired, as if you truly understood who was right and who was wrong, as if you deeply searched for the truth and wanted it at all costs. You have been honest, loyal, patient, supportive, funny, professional, open minded and open hearted…to the point that it’s hard to believe that you are for real. You fought as if it was your own personal fight against injustice and lies. You fought as if you didn’t want to win for you own sake but for justice’s sake. And I admired you. You believe in what you do and you love your job. That’s crystal clear. And It’s inspiring.


You have always had my gratitude and, if kind words and thoughts do carry energies throughout the universe, then you have a lot of lights out there with your name on them for I have often told others of your help.

Margaret L.P.

I feel this is due to your knowledge and willingness to be thorough. I know I was quite a pest at times, but I was concerned for Michael’s safety.

–Corinne M.

As to divorce paperwork created for the client) Masterfully crafted! Thank you.


I just wanted to thank Mr. Huguenor so very much for all (the office’s) help in (my child's custody) case. The results were incredible and I am still amazed at the outcome. I feel I can refer your office to others due to your professionalism and efficiency. Thank you again for everything.


I haven’t had a chance to thank you both for all the hard work you did for (the client)…Thank you both for everything.


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My ex tried to take me back to court for more money after I had already paid 23 years for an 11 year marriage. Thomas and Amelia got her stopped and I was removed from court jurisdiction. Best outcome possible.
Thanks so much

–J.V. from Google

Great firm with the utmost professional team. Quality and professional service you can count on.

–M.B. from Google

Huguenor & Mattis recently helped me obtain emergency orders. They were quick to respond and helped walk me through the process to obtain the results I needed. I recommend them to anyone who needs help with family law.

–E.D. from Google

From my initial phone call (in tears!) to the consultation & case work, I am relieved to have this team on my side in what is an especially painful custody issue. They will get results and be honest about the strength of your case and how best to approach matters in order to reach your objective which should be to protect your child and keep their best interests at heart.

–A.R. from Google

Excellent and friendly team. They have made me feel comfortable, kept me updated, and have been very diligent with my case. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for litigation in family law.

–C.R. from Google

Ms. Mattis was extremely prepared for my case and paid great attention to detail. I was very pleased with her knowledge and ability to stay focused on issues thatneeded to be addressed during court. I would highly recommend her for custody issues.

–T.W. from Google

I am greatly appreciative of the advice and information Amelia has provided for me. I am currently going thru a situation where my name is not on the birth certificate so I reached out to see what are some of the steps to take in order to protect myself in case of any legal action. She mapped out s few options and was very knowledgeable. For any parent that is going through difficulties communicating with the co parent, make sure to protect yourself legally. Amelia is my go to source!

–T.H. from Google

I retained Huguenor-Mattis to work on my move away request that's currently going through San Diego Superior Court. I couldn't be happier with my representation, and I highly recommend this firm...

–R.E. from Google

Amelia did a fantastic job yesterday in court; I cannot thank her enough for her hard work, patience and reassuring me through this difficult time.

–K.D. from Google

Mr. Huguenor and Ms. Mattis were wonderful! Highly recommend.

–W.K. from Google

Smart and tough representation. Attorney Thomas M. Huguenor is experienced and dedicated to his clients. He is a well-respected member of the San Diego legal community. Tom comes with over 30 years of hands on experience extending throughout numerous areas of family law including divorce, child custody and child support. I would highly recommend this very thorough and well informed law firm to anyone.

–E.E. from Google

I feel so grateful to have found Ms. Mattis and Mr. Huguenor at a time in my life when it would have been an understatement to say I was beyond devastated and terrified. I was in another country, facing a high conflict divorce, jurisdictional issues over child custody and I had very little support...I would highly recommend Ms. Mattis to any parent finding themselves in need of experienced, expert family law attorney.

–N. from Google

Thomas, Amelia and the team at Mattis Law, A.P.C. have exceeded our expectations during a time that has been so stressful for our family...We are so relieved to be working with them, they came highly recommend and now we know why and endorse that.

–J.P. from Google

My experience thus far has been excellent! I can't give 5 stars yet, because we are still in court. I am very pleased with my decision to hire this firm for my case, as their handling of my case has been steady, professional, and consistent. I would highly recommend this firm for anyone needing a family lawyer.

–J.B. from Google

I highly recommend Thomas Huguenor if ever in need of an expert of family law with a high level of compassion for his clients. Mr Huguenor is a man who delivers. He not only provides superior work; he also handles delicate situations with kindness and respect. I have been extremely pleased with Mr Huguenor and his law office in my case thus far.

–D.L. from Google

Tom and his firm was really very prompt and detail in helping my divorce process. When I called him for face to face, he was very prompt and prepared and explained me all the process details to me very precisely and answered all my questions. Also later he helped with my questions to understand and go through the process whenever I needed to. I could not go through this very sensitive and complicated process by myself with out his help. I wish him all the very best.

–F.T. from Google

Excellent attorney in helping with my case on custody and alienation issues. Very thorough, well informed and caring.

–N.D. from Google

I have used Mr. Huguenor several times since I've had to go back to court for Child Custody issues and have always been happy with the outcome and services he provides. I highly recommend the firm.

–N.R. from Google

San Diego Family Law Attorney Tom Huguenor was very helpful and professional in helping me with my case. I would say he's one of the better divorce attorneys San Diego has to offer. I had a bunch of questions that I needed a child custody lawyer to answer, and he did just that. Thanks again.

–D.F. from Google

Ms. Amelia Mattis and her dream team have been thoroughly professional and impressively compassionate working their magic behind the scenes and in the courtroom. I am a Paternal Grandma who for the past 14 months have been blocked from seeing or talking to my Granddaughter. It was a difficult decision to legally pursue Grandparent visitation rights. My granddaughter has been a loving highlight for the past 10 years to our family. Ms. Mattis helped me chronicle not only my involvement, but also site similar cases to support the case. I am so very pleased with the victorious outcome and strongly recommend this firm for family court services.

–A.H. from Google

Caring, honest, go over and above.

–A.A. from Google

I hired this firm after speaking with several attorneys because of my initial consultation with Hugenour. Attorney Hugenour was professional and spoke with more confidence and knowledge than any of the other attorneys I had consultations with. I never had a second of regret going with Hugenour Mattis A.P.C. I worked closer with Attorney Mattis through the process of my divorce and child support/ custody case. Ms. Mattis is extremely knowledgeable in her field and honest about the reality of the case. The team had to deal with my emotions throughout the case, and anyone going through similar situation can understand the intensity it brings, but they always stayed professional and responsive. Ms. Mattis was on top of everything, and I can definitely say she will be the attorney I can come back to if anything arises in the future.

–S.G. from Google

If you're looking for a family law firm to represent you in your child custody case, I strongly urge you to use this firm's services. They held my hand through every step of the process. I knew nothing about family law, and this was the scariest experience of my entire life. I don't know how I would have gotten through it, without the caring support of Amelia Mattis and her sympathetic staff. Everyone was patient and professional through some very sticky and high stress situations. Not only is Amelia unbelievably sharp, she also genuinely cares about my daughter's best interests. Feel free to contact me with any questions about working with them. I am happy to help.

–L.C. from Google

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...They took on my case with a two day notice and had my case dismissed in court. The staff and its attorneys are true professionals that are aggressive and have the client’s best interests in mind. This law firm means business when it comes to resolving their cases.

–Anonymous from Avvo

He built a very strong case for my “move away” motion. I could not be happier when he called me to inform me that the move was granted. During the difficult and lengthy process, he made himself available. I would get emails from him on weekends and as early as 4am. He always thought of the best approach to face the next obstacle...

–Anonymous from Avvo

I retained Ms. Mattis for a very difficult move-away case when my ex-spouse requested full custody to take our daughter out of the country for several years. She knew exactly how to handle my case, was caring and kind, and VERY knowledgeable...

–Anonymous from Avvo

She prepared me for my Family Court Services Mediation and when our mediation date arrived, I could tell I was much more prepared than the other side, and it showed in the report we received...

–John from Avvo

Mr. Huguenor and his team were great. I came to them with a very complex situation and they were up for the challenge. My situation had 3 different states involved and jurisdiction of my child was at question. They were very understanding and accommodating as to my situation and were able to point me in the right direction as to what legal action to take. I feel they truly care about their clients as well as enjoy what they do. I can't thank them enough for what they've done for me and this review doesn't even compare to how much they've helped me. 100% recommend this law firm.

–Brian from Avvo

Been very helpful with my custody case dealing with alienation claims. Very thorough, well informed and caring.

–Anonymous from Avvo

I am very happy with the overall experience I had with attorney Amelia Mattis in creating a Pre-Martial agreement for my fiancé and I. Amelia’s attention to detail, fact finding, legal explanations, patience and prompt responses to inquiries/communication are all strong qualities in an attorney that I value. She is also an extremely personable legal professional that made this somewhat stressful process manageable and easy to see through completion...

–Mario from Avvo

...Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable. They fully explained my case options in terms I could understand and that put me at ease. They were diligent and kept me informed of the process. They were able to achieve a favorable outcome. I would highly recommend and all the associates.

–Lorraine from Avvo

Attorney Huguenor represented me in an adversarial complicated child custody case. He is a well-seasoned, very smart and compassionate family law attorney who knows his stuff. He or his kind paralegal assistant were always available on the phone/email and responded to my questions promptly. Above all he is a great human being who genuinely cares for his clients...

–Elise from Avvo

I would highly recommend Mr. Huguenor as he has been extremely effective in negotiating a realistic support stipulation without unnecessary hearings. From the initial interview with him, I was impressed with his depth of knowledge of family law, pertinent questions he asked and how he clearly communicated a plan to approach my case...

–Barbara from Avvo

Ms. Mattis is an excellent family law attorney. I highly recommend her for custody and move away cases. she paid close attention to details and was always very prepared in court. Thank you so much for helping my family through a difficult time.

–Anonymous from Avvo

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Excellent lawyer. Very thorough, well informed and caring.

–N.D. from Facebook

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If you are dealing with a disordered ex and parental alienation, Amelia Mattis will understand what is happening and how to counter it in order to help your child and save your relationship with them. It's complicated and impossible to check your emotions at the door, so I highly recommend hiring counsel who is familiar with this nightmare. It's not quick or easy but you have no choice than to trust the system (which i'll admit is harrowing). They can only help as much as you let them - ultimately you need to educate yourself on all that is parental alienation (YouTube Dr. Craig Childress), never give up, because as long as your ex is around it IS an ongoing battle.

–A.R. from Yelp

Amelia is fantastic! She's worth every penny! You should do everything you can to keep her. She represented me so well, fought to get me custody of my children and did such a great job communicating with the judge. This attorney is bright beyond her years. I'd recommend Amelia for any divorce and custody matters.

–J.F. from Yelp

Tom and Amelia are not your average attorney's. They are professionals and really know family law. I communicated my situation to multiple lawyers across the state and have never had a solid response to my situation. Tom has showed his professionalism since day 1 and Amelia has fought for my case as if it was her own. I cannot say enough good stuff for this team of people and highly recommend them to anyone.

–K.D. from Yelp

Very professional and knowledgeable firm, especially about child custody. They will craft a case plan with you and aggressively advocate for your rights. They are very helpful in choosing what information the judge should see and will find important in a custody case and are accessible throughout the process as issues arise.

–A.J. from Yelp

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