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Family Law Overview

"Family law" is an area of law that encompasses many different aspects of family life. Any situation that involves a marriage, children, or an extended family member can involve family law. Even a person who has been taken in by a family could be governed by family law if a situation or disagreement arises.

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Client Testimonial

"Very professional and helpful. She was able to give me great personalized advice on how to move forward with my particular case, and things to think about and be aware of. Speaking with her was extremely helpful and relieved a lot of stress and anxiety I was having surrounding my case. I would definitely recommend her for any issues regarding family law."

– Isaiah

Areas of Family Law

Because this is such a broad area of law, there are many different scenarios it covers. Some of the most common are:

Some of these scenarios - for example, divorce and child custody - are more complicated than others; but each has its own legalities and you should have a lawyer with specific experience in order to achieve the best outcome.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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After a divorce, can my spouse move with our children to another state?

What happens if my spouse has stopped paying child support?

How long does it take to get a divorce?

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The Role of Family Court

Family court in San Diego plays a very significant role in family disputes, acting as a neutral third party to decide what’s best for everyone. Family courts conduct assessments and hold hearings on the matter at hand, then make decisions and issue court orders that must be followed.

In some cases, the people involved (along with their attorneys) determine that their case does not actually need to go to family court but instead can be resolved through mediation or alternative dispute resolution. This can save a lot of time, as the San Diego family courts are often overloaded, making most cases very lengthy before a final decision is made.

Choosing to go through mediation or dispute resolution with the help of a lawyer is a better alternative than fighting it out in family court. Still, sometimes it’s not possible for a couple to agree and a judge has to hand down a final verdict. In contentious cases, it’s important to have a legal advocate on your side to look out for you and your family’s best interests.

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The Other Side of Family Law

When most people think of family law, they think of disputes among family members. While family law does often deal with the ugly nature of divorce, child support, and domestic violence, there is another side. That side works to help families and ease transitions; and to ensure that any agreements made involving family life are fair and will protect everyone’s rights.

This is the case for documents such as prenuptial and postnuptial agreements; as well as adoption applications. While family law does sometimes involve families breaking up, a lot of the time it also helps bring families together.

If your family situation is about to change due to a marriage, a divorce, or other circumstance, contact Mattis Law, A.P.C., at (858) 328-4400. The firm is here to help you with whatever legal issue your family is going through.

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