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How Does Joint Child Custody Work in California?

Child custody issues are often the most contested and emotional matters that come up during divorce proceedings. While you may strongly believe that the child custody arrangement should be a certain way, the court will evaluate your situation and make a ruling for the sake of the child's best interests. In the majority of California cases, judges will rule in favor of allowing both parents to maintain equal custody of their child, also known as joint custody.

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What Does Joint Custody in San Diego Entail?

The most common outcome of child custody cases in California is a joint custody agreement. Joint custody can be divided into three categories:

  • Joint legal custody - Your child may live with you or your ex-spouse full-time, but you both have equal legal say in their upbringing.
  • Shared physical custody - Your child will live at least 35 percent with you and the rest with their other parent.
  • Combination of joint legal and shared physical custody - You and your child's other parent can create a special arrangement that combines both of these.

Essentially, under a joint custody arrangement, both parents will share legal and/or physical responsibility for their child. This does not mean that each parent must run every day-to-day decision by the other parent; the court will generally designate specific circumstances in which the parents must provide mutual consent, such as where the child will attend school.

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How to Handle Violations of the Custodial Arrangement

When both parents share custody of their child, there are more opportunities for conflict to arise. In the event that one parent does not obey the terms of a child custody agreement, he or she may face a number of punishments, depending on the severity of the violation. The court may order the offending parent to attend parenting classes, serve jail time, pay fines, or even lose custody altogether. It is important to consult with your attorney about the potential violation before seeking court intervention.

Common types of custodial violations that may require legal action include:

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