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Should You Choose Mediation?

When it comes to divorce, custody, or other family law matters, you might think your only option is going to court. However, litigating a family matter in court can be expensive, time-consuming, and contentious. But there is another option.

While not for everyone, mediation might help couples achieve a fair divorce settlement without going to court. It is a great option for families who are willing to work together to resolve the end of a marriage quickly.

Even if you choose to go with mediation, it is in your best interests to hire an experienced San Diego family law attorney. Your attorney will protect your rights throughout the process and ensure you receive a fair settlement. Most reputable attorneys know and work with quality mediators, so you can also ask your attorney for a recommendation.

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Client Testimonial

"She prepared me for my Family Court Services Mediation and when our mediation date arrived, I could tell I was much more prepared than the other side, and it showed in the report we received..."

- John from Avvo

What Is Mediation?

A family law mediator is an independent, unbiased third party who will help you work through your legal dispute. It is a mediator’s job to assist people in reaching an agreement that will leave both parties satisfied, or at least feeling that they were treated fairly.

During mediation, the mediator will identify the areas of contention, negotiate with both parties, and hopefully come to a mutually acceptable settlement on all issues and financial matters. (The mediation process does not only apply to divorce, but the process is generally the same no matter the legal situation.) The spouses will have final say over mediation, and the agreement will only be binding if both spouses give their consent and file the appropriate paperwork with the court.

One major advantage of mediation is that it forces the divorcing couple to work together to reach a settlement. This can be especially beneficial when children are involved. Mediation encourages the type of cooperation that will be important as a divorced couple navigates the process of co-parenting from separate households.

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What Role Does a Lawyer Play in the Mediation Process?

While it’s possible to go through mediation without a lawyer, it is recommended that you at least consult with an attorney before beginning the process. A qualified family law attorney can lay out your options and advise you on possible pitfalls you might encounter.

Some people will hire a lawyer to represent them during mediation to ensure that the mediation goes smoothly and that they fully understand the proceedings. An attorney can help explain the rules of mediation, suggest a trustworthy mediator, fully prepare you for the process, and analyze the information your spouse provides to make sure you are being treated fairly. When an agreement has been proposed, the lawyer can review the settlement and offer possible changes. Finally, once an agreement is reached, the lawyer can prepare and file the correct legal papers in order to finalize the divorce.

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Protect Your Family’s Future

Divorce is complicated. While you may want your divorce settled with as little fuss as possible, it’s extremely important that you protect your rights and those of your family. Mattis Law, A.P.C., will work with you to ensure that your divorce is both fair and timely. Our legal team has years of experience in California family law and can provide high-quality representation during your mediation process. We’ll make sure both your property and parental rights are taken into consideration. Moreover, we’re able to offer personalized attention and advice that is specific to your case.

Contact our San Diego office today at (858) 328-4400 for a free consultation.

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