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How Has Covid-19 Changed Divorce Proceedings?

Posted by Mattis Law, A.P.C. on March 8, 2022 in Divorce

Before the global pandemic, divorce rates were declining in the U.S. The number of divorces per 1,000 marriages hit a 50-year low in 2019, as reported by the Institute for Family Studies. Both marriage and divorce rates declined nationally during the pandemic, when many plans were put on hold, according to a study published by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

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Will Marijuana Affect My Custody Claim?

Posted by Mattis Law, A.P.C. on March 1, 2022 in Child Custody

The landscape of the culture regarding marijuana is changing, along with how the public views marijuana and its users. Nevertheless, legal marijuana use could have an impact on a child custody case. In the criminal arena, after recreational use of cannabis became legal in California, many pending misdemeanor possession cases were dropped. In family court, however, it is a different matter, and marijuana use could still arise as an issue.

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Which Social Media Posts Will Hurt Your Custody Case?

Posted by Mattis Law, A.P.C. on February 20, 2022 in Child Custody

Your social media posts could impact the outcome of a child custody case. A parent who posts negative content about the other parent on social media may experience consequences that could be avoided. Your best approach is to avoid posting anything on social media, whether images, comments, or any other data until the custody matter is resolved. You can expect that your social media accounts will be reviewed by the other parent’s legal more

How Will a Court Consider a Child’s Mental Health?

Posted by Mattis Law, A.P.C. on February 5, 2022 in Child Custody, Divorce

The mental health of both parents and children can play a role in a court decision regarding child custody. It is well-known that parents’ mental health has an impact on children, and that healthy development is linked to the care and support the parents provide. If a parent is dealing with a mental health condition, it is often more difficult to provide what children more

Threats Against You are Domestic Violence

Posted by Mattis Law, A.P.C. on January 10, 2022 in Divorce

Domestic violence charges can be filed in criminal court for physical attacks – and for certain types of threats. You have the right to be free from abuse and harassment. Abuse includes physically harming a domestic partner (such as a spouse, former spouse, relationship partner, current or former dating partner, people living together, or closely related) when the threats put the person in fear of imminent harm. Other types of abuse include stalking, threatening to harm, verbal abuse, or destroying property.

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Creating a Long-Distance Parenting Plan for International Relocation

Posted by Mattis Law, A.P.C. on January 3, 2022 in Child Visitation

When one parent plans to relocate to another country, it poses a unique set of problems when establishing a parenting plan. The parent moving away can no longer spend time with the children regularly but must arrange some type of long-distance access.

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How to Make Reasonable Visitation Work for Everybody

Posted by Mattis Law, A.P.C. in Child Visitation

Visitation, also known as time-share, is a plan by which parents share time with their children. Visitation terms are included in a divorce decree. Reasonable visitation orders are typically open-ended and allow parents to work out between them when the child will be with each parent. To make reasonable visitation work for everyone concerned, parents must always put the needs and interests of the child first.

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Using an Evidentiary Hearing to Your Advantage

Posted by Mattis Law, A.P.C. in Child Custody

A child custody case can weigh heavily on your shoulders as you work to maintain your relationship with your child, whether it is through a custody plan or visitation. Most parents simply want to continue being a part of their children’s lives after a divorce, but if the other parent is combative or dismissive of their interests, it can lead to a high-conflict custody battle. If you attempt to file a motion to gain custody or modify your agreement, then the other parent will likely request an evidentiary hearing. An evidentiary hearing may sound intimidating, but out attorneys at Mattis Law, A.P.C. can explain what you need to know about them and how to prepare for one.

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When Should You Consider Hiring an Expert Witness in Your Child Custody Case?

Posted by Mattis Law, A.P.C. in Child Custody

Considering several relevant factors leading up to a final decision, a family court judge presiding over a child custody case in California must rule with what is in the best interest of the children. When both parents agree on a child custody arrangement, this saves a lot of grief associated with the process. In other situations, bitter disputes unfortunately arise, and you might want to consider hiring a child custody expert witness.

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How Threats Influence Family Law Cases

Posted by Mattis Law, A.P.C. in Contentious Divorce, Divorce

Divorce and custody disputes can be contentious and emotionally charged. It is not uncommon for one spouse to make threats against the other. The first thing to know is these threats are often empty, with no legal validity in most cases. The other thing to know is making threats against the other party to get what you want in a divorce can leave you open to sanctions by the court.

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