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Appealing a Custody Order with a San Diego Attorney

Legal Representation by a Skilled Custody Order Appeal Lawyer in San Diego

If you are facing an emergency situation where an existing custody arrangement places a child in danger, do not hesitate to contact an experienced divorce and family law attorney. To protect you and your child, your attorney can file a request for an emergency child custody order or a restraining order.

Legal remedies are also available if you wish to modify your current custody agreement based on a change in circumstances that affects the child’s best interests.

In a non-emergency situation with no new circumstances to consider, you have the right to appeal a family court decision to a California Appellate Court. It’s important to remember that there are limited legal grounds for appealing, and you won’t be able to present new evidence. Strict filing deadlines apply, so if you’re thinking about appealing, you’ll want to speak with a San Diego child custody lawyer about your situation as soon as possible.

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Filing an Appeal After a Family Court Custody Decision

There are six regional California Courts of Appeal. Their function is to review court decisions and procedures to ensure the proceedings are fair and the appropriate laws have been applied correctly.

Appeals must be based on issues that have already been raised in court. To win an appeal, your attorney has to prove that the law was misapplied or factual errors caused a misdirection of the judgment. No new witnesses, evidence, or exhibits are allowed. California Courts of Appeal have a large caseload, so it may be several months before they hear your case.

A three-judge panel will review the case and issue an opinion. They may decide to hear verbal arguments or base their opinion entirely on the brief provided by your lawyer.

You have 60 days to file an appeal from the date you receive a Notice of Entry of Judgment from the family law court or 180 days after a court order or judgment was filed if there was no Entry of Judgment. Your application must include the following:

  • Notice of appeal
  • Name of the party making an appeal
  • State bar number of the case
  • Your attorney’s contact information
  • Names of the plaintiff and respondent in the case
  • Type of judgment being appealed
  • A legal brief containing evidence that errors were made in the ruling

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Reasons Why an Appeals Court Will Rule in Your Favor

Filing an appeal is a long process that can be costly. Your lawyer and their office will have to request copies of legal documents and compose a detailed and well-reasoned legal brief in support of your appeal.

To win your appeal, your attorney must prove that significant errors in law or procedure were made during the family law custody hearing, such as:

  • The law was misapplied.
  • The law was misinterpreted.
  • The wrong law was applied.
  • Factual errors compromised the judgment.
  • Substantial factual evidence contradicts the judgment.

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What Happens After an Appeals Court Issues an Opinion

There are three ways that an appellate court may respond to your appeal, which are:

  • Uphold the original ruling so it remains in effect.
  • Remand the original ruling, sending the case back to family law court.
  • Vacate the original decision, reversing all or part of it.

The appellate court’s opinion will become final 30 days after it is handed down. If you feel the court acted in error, you may submit a petition for a rehearing within 15 days of the court’s filing. You can also petition for review in the California Supreme Court.

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