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Child Custody for Christmas and the Holidays

Posted by Mattis Law, A.P.C. on November 20, 2022 in Child Custody

Christmas, Kwanza, and Hanukkah are all significant holidays centered around family time, so it is understandable why separated parents would want their children with them during these times. However, the holiday season can be difficult and emotionally charged for divorced parents and their children. The holidays are often when families come together to celebrate, but for divorced families, this can be a time of conflict and stress.

Divorced parents may have different plans for how to spend the holidays, and this can cause conflict between them. Their children may also be caught in the middle, feeling torn between their parents. This can be a stressful and confusing time for everyone involved.

Divorced parents need to communicate with each other and try to agree on how to celebrate the holidays. They should also involve their children in decision-making, so everyone feels comfortable and happy with the plans. With some planning and communication, the holiday season can be a time for divorced families to come together and create new traditions.

Holiday Divorce Child Negotiations

Holiday custody decisions can be negotiated explicitly into divorce terms, providing both parties with certainty and stability during a difficult and stressful time. This can be an essential part of a divorce, especially for families with children. By agreeing on how holidays will be spent, both parents can have peace of mind knowing they will have time with their children during these special times.

Negotiating holiday custody terms as part of a divorce settlement is possible. While not regulated by law, these arrangements are flexible in how they can be structured. For example, parents may agree to alternate custody on some holidays. Ultimately, the goal is to create a custody arrangement that works for both parents. When discussing holiday child arrangements, remember to consider:

  • School breaks
  • Splitting the holidays in half, morning vs. afternoon
  • Taking the children out of town
  • Alternating plans yearly
  • One parent may get Christmas Eve, the other Christmas day

When Parents Cannot Agree on Terms

When parents do not agree over child custody holiday arrangements, it is essential to contact a lawyer and change your plan. This will help ensure that the holiday arrangements are made in a way that is fair to both parents and that the child’s best interests are considered. If the holiday arrangements are not appropriate for both parents or do not consider the child’s best interests, it could lead to conflict and stress for the family.

Hire a Lawyer to Help Negotiate Your Child Custody Agreement

If you are negotiating a child custody agreement, consider hiring a lawyer to help you. A lawyer can provide valuable guidance and advice throughout the negotiation process and help protect your rights and interests. Additionally, an experienced attorney can help you draft a legally binding agreement that can be enforced by the court if necessary.

Mattis Law, A.P.C. has years of experience in the courtroom and can help negotiate your child custody agreement. Having an experienced legal advocate on your side can increase your chances of reaching a fair and favorable agreement. Call (858) 328-4400 for an immediate consultation.

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