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The Key to a Stress-Free Holiday? Maybe

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Despite our best intentions, the holiday season seems to catch most folks by surprise. Many of us negotiate with ourselves each year and say things like, “This year I’m not making it a big deal,” and “Just gifts for the kids,” which turns into “Just gifts for the little kids.” All of this ultimately leads to the frantic final days where our best-laid plans get thrown out the window. Mad dashes to grocery stores and packed malls ensue.

Then, of course, there are the kids—the actual, physical kids, not just their gifts. And if you have children of divorce, you know what kind of peril awaits you in the event that you haven’t created a holiday visitation schedule with your former spouse.

So before you get swept away by the holiday blitz of flashing lights, wrapping paper, and the smell of pies wafting through your home, it’s a smart move to take a moment to work things out with the parent of your children. Our previous blog addressed how important it is for children to have quality time with both parents for the holidays.

Here in California, the courts have implemented the use of a Children’s Holiday Schedule Attachment (CHSA). In it, you’ll find exactly what the name implies: a schedule for the holidays, breaks from school, and birthdays of the parents and kids. This document is set up with the courts and establishes a custody-sharing arrangement for each parent ahead of time. This is the best way to ease holiday time with the kids and is something that should definitely be established with your legal counsel.

The CHSA also has the added benefit of allowing your children to know exactly what’s around the corner with respect to their holiday time and upcoming birthday celebrations. This way, kids can plan out events for friends, like parties and sleepovers, which will also be an enormous convenience to both you and your ex.

If you’d like to know more about the Children’s Holiday Schedule Agreement, its functionality and legal details, call Mattis Law, A.P.C. Our San Diego child custody attorneys are familiar with every scenario, and we will do everything we can to ensure the precious holiday time you spend with your kids is legally guaranteed. Call (858) 458-9500 for a free consultation.

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