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How to Prepare for a Meeting With Your San Diego Divorce Lawyer

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When many San Diego residents meet with their divorce lawyer, it is the first time they have worked one-on-one with an attorney. Arriving prepared for your meeting can help you ensure your concerns are heard, keep your attorney informed of important details about your marriage and finances, and pave the way toward obtaining the results you want and need.
Here are some important steps to take before your appointment with your lawyer:

  • Write down your questions. Keeping a written list of questions for your lawyer can help you ensure you don’t forget to ask about something important. Make a list of the top two or three things you need to ask, and bring the list with you to the meeting.
  • Gather as much information as you can. Gather all the paperwork you can find that is related to your household’s finances. Start with items like pay stubs and bank statements, then add information on mortgages and loans, investments, and retirement accounts. Make photocopies of this paperwork, put it in a folder to bring to every meeting, and store the folder in a place your spouse cannot access. As your divorce case progresses, you can also use this folder to store court documents and other items related to the divorce.
  • List your goals. In addition to writing down your questions, list your number-one goal for the meeting. Answer the question, “What do I want to get out of this meeting? What will make me feel that it was successful?” Listing your top long-term goals can also help you and your lawyer stay focused as your case progresses.

Our team is dedicated to helping San Diego residents navigate divorce issues as smoothly as possible. Most law offices start child custody and family law cases by simply starting with the pleading forms. We are result driven and work off of a case plan that we prepare from your goals. Then we start the case. This makes a difference. Contact us today for a confidential consultation.

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