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Making Summer Vacation Plans Work With Shared Custody Agreements

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Like many California families, you and your family may have summer vacation plans or traditions. Perhaps you always take vacation together during the same week during the summer, or you always make plans to go to a certain special place.

Whatever your summer vacation plans, making them fit into a shared custody agreement can be a challenge. By working with an experienced attorney to craft a well-thought-out parenting plan now, you can reduce stress down the road and preserve special family moments with your children.

Here are some questions to consider when working vacation time into shared custody agreements:

  • Which vacation options are “must-haves,” and which are flexible? For instance, a vacation to visit extended family during the week of Independence Day may not be transferable to another point in the calendar.
  • How do you want to split or share holidays? Will the kids spend part of a holiday with each parent? Will you “trade” holidays each year? Knowing how you plan to handle holidays can help you work out vacation plans surrounding them.
  • Plan to share vacation schedules well in advance. Planning summer vacations as early as January allows both parents to ensure they get the quality time with their kids that they deserve.
  • Make “keeping in touch” plans for a vacation. Telephone, email, text, or Skype – methods for children to stay in touch with the other parent during a vacation abound. Make plans and a schedule so kids can maintain their relationships with both parents.

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