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The stunning seaside area of La Jolla, with its rugged coastline and pristine beaches, is among the most beautiful areas of San Diego. However, even in this paradise, common life struggles such as divorce still occur. According to Statistical Atlas, approximately 15% of the female population and 7% of the male population over the age of 15 in La Jolla are divorced.

Divorce is an extremely difficult life event for many. Not only are you dealing with the emotional impacts of a separation, but practical matters such as legal paperwork, child custody arrangements and child or marital support payments also need to be settled.

Mattis Law, A.P.C., leading family law attorneys servicing La Jolla and the surrounding area, understand the emotional stress a divorce causes. We can assist with any legal aspect of your divorce, fighting for your best interests at each stage. Call us today at (858) 328-4400 for a free consultation.

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Divorce Options

While a couple can separate informally at any time, to have legal implications, the court must be involved. A spouse or couple may choose to legally divorce or to legally separate but not divorce (whether for financial, religious or personal reasons). Both the divorce and separation process are initiated by filing prescribed forms with the relevant court. Marriages of less than five years’ duration and involving limited assets, may qualify for the dissolution process, a faster, cheaper procedure than divorce.

In both divorce or separation proceedings, spouses can reach an agreement themselves, or the court will make orders regarding the division of assets, the payments of marital or child support, and child custody and care arrangements. Often, legal assistance is necessary to ensure parties reach an appropriate agreement, file the required paperwork correctly, and take care of all material matters to prevent future disputes.

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Grounds for Divorce

California is considered a “no-fault” state for divorce, meaning a spouse seeking divorce in La Jolla doesn’t have to prove any wrongdoing on their spouse’s behalf to file for divorce. However, the applicant must tick in their application either “irrevocable differences” or the “permanent legal incapacity” of one spouse as grounds for their divorce.

An uncontested divorce application, where both parties agree on all material terms, can be settled relatively quickly without the need for court hearings. Contested divorces, where disagreement persists about the divorce itself, or matters such as child custody or division of assets can’t be reconciled, are more complicated, often requiring negotiations and potentially a court hearing.

When it comes to your initial meeting with a divorce lawyer, it can save time and money to come prepared with any existing agreement you and your spouse have reached, as well details about your marriage and family and proof of both you and your spouse’s financial positions including all debts and assets.

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How Mattis Law, A.P.C Can Help You Today

A divorce can be settled in a number of ways, whether through the parties reaching an agreement themselves that the court formalizes, an agreement being reached in negotiations or mediations, or after a full hearing with court orders.

In any case, having a skilled La Jolla family law lawyer from Mattis Law, A.P.C. on your side takes some stress off your plate during this difficult time. We work to ensure all the legal aspects of your divorce, and the best interests of you and your family, are taken care of.

With years of experience across a range of divorce-related proceedings in California, the team at Mattis Law, A.P.C. have the experience, knowledge and passion to provide outstanding representation for any legal aspects of your divorce in La Jolla. Call us today at (858) 328-4400 so we can begin helping you.

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