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Located in San Diego County, Solana Beach is known for its walkability. It offers scenic trails, natural tide pools, surf breaks, and a variety of locally owned shops and services, mostly within a 30 minute walk from the main beach. Solana Beach is home to the Cedros Design District, which provides unique shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences.

Divorce happens in Solana Beach, as it does throughout the country. The legal dissolution of a marriage can be a complicated, stressful, and emotionally traumatic experience. A skilled Solana Beach divorce attorney can protect your rights, advocate for your family’s best interests, and guide you through the complex divorce process.

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What Issues Are Addressed in a Solana Beach Divorce?

The process of divorce requires a number of difficult decisions. Matters that will be addressed include:

Depending on whether you and your spouse can reach agreement, there are several ways in which to approach a divorce.

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What Is the Process for Getting Divorced?

How difficult a divorce is can depend on how well the parties can communicate and get along. Ideally, both spouses would sit down together, talk it over, and come to an agreement on division of marital property, child custody, financial support, and all the terms of the divorce. This is known as an uncontested divorce. Advantages of this approach are reduced costs, a faster process, avoiding public disclosure of financial and personal information, and sparing children court evaluations and hearings.

If the parties are not able to reach an agreement on their own, the next step may be mediation, where a neutral third party facilitates the settlement process. Another alternative is for each spouse to retain an attorney to negotiate on his or her behalf and reach a settlement out of court.

A contested divorce can take years and cost considerably more than an uncontested divorce. Until the marriage is finally dissolved, the parties are not allowed to remarry and must continue filing joint tax returns. Before the case goes to trial, each spouse must disclose financial assets and debts and answer questions posed by the other spouse’s attorney during the discovery process.

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What Are the Grounds for Divorce in Solana Beach?

California is a no-fault divorce state. You are not required to prove wrongdoing on the part of your spouse that contributed to the breakdown of the marriage. Most people file for divorce citing irreconcilable differences as grounds. This concept refers to a substantial disagreement between the spouses that is deemed too great for the marriage to continue. The second possible grounds for divorce is incurable insanity. To obtain a divorce on these grounds, you will need a medical expert to testify as to your spouse’s permanent legal incapacity to make decisions.

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What Information Should You Have Prepared for Your Solana Beach Divorce Lawyer?

Once you have hired a Solana Beach family law lawyer, your first meeting will be geared toward initiating your case. Arrive early to fill out any required client intake paperwork. Collect and bring with you all relevant information about your children, property, debts, and finances, as well as basic information for yourself and your spouse. This should include full names, contact information, birth dates, social security numbers, and income and employment information.

Choosing a lawyer is an important first step in obtaining a divorce. At Mattis Law, A.P.C., our founding attorney has been named among the 10 Best Female Attorneys in California by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys. If you are facing divorce in Solana Beach, contact us at (858) 328-4400.

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